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B2B Marketing

This enables C4U to claim that their cards are 'crafted in the West Country'. This notion of the 'personal touch' has been successfully combined with a series of designs drawing upon floral and other motifs from the 'natural' landscape such as animals and rustic scenes (e.g. meadows, the seaside) to provide C4U with a product portfolio that sets them apart from other card manufacturers. Indeed, they even sell separate picture frames to accompany the cards, so that the recipient can keep them after the occasion in question: in this way, the product is 'more than just a card'.
"Back in 1970 Alvin Toffler in Future Shock (Toffler, A. 1970) describes a trend towards accelerating rates of change. He illustrated how social and technological norms had shorter life spans with each generation, and he questioned society's ability to cope with the resulting turmoil and anxiety. In past generations periods of change were always punctuated with times of stability. This allowed society to assimilate the change and deal with it before the next change arrived." (Wikipedia, 2007)
In the volatile business environment of the 21st century the most important requirement for C4U is constant changing and updating with the external conditions. Change can be referred to as Internal, External, and business process re-engineering and transformation programs. ...
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'CardsForYou' (hereafter 'C4U') is a company employing 50 people, based in the SouthWest region of the UK. Formed by John Jones and Stan Smith in 1990, C4U specialise in manufacturing greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions…
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