Global Marketing Master Essay

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The fast changing socio economic dynamics have created a fiercely competitive business environment. In the rapidly changing environment of globalization, change is essential for development and organizations tend to adapt to the constantly evolving business environment.


In order for the company to follow a strategic growth plan, it is important that it understands and takes into account the vagaries of anticipated demands for the products by the factors that may or may not conform to market rules and regulations. The challenges of unarticulated elements like the presence of grey market and manipulated demand and supply chain by some vested interests, needs to be met by the innovative strategic methodology of marketing and sale of its mainstream products. Consumers are the mainstay of any business and therefore, efforts must be made to develop better understanding with customers with regard to consumer demands and correlate it with the product so that appropriate market strategy could be developed. In the present market scenario a more aggressive approach to market its goods and services need to be adopted to meet the challenges of the changing time.
In the recent times, internet has redefined the communication with its far reaching implications and has become one of the most important parts of any business strategy. "The Internet with its low-cost entry and ease of use quickly changed how information was exchanged and removed the distance barriers for business partners. ...
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