Ethics in Modern American Corporate Environment

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In recent times there have being an enormous public outcry about the level of rot and decay that have engulfed the contemporary global corporate environment. Coupled with this has been the massive debate about what constitutes ethical conduct as opposed to what it is not; its origin; motivation and a host of other issues surrounding it.


Does the daily influx of media reportage of widespread criminal representation, tax evasion and a whole lot of fraudulent actions by the supposed men and women of our corporate environment cast a spell of doom on our corporate system Have our corporate environment being besieged by a bunch of infidel corporate leaders According to recent psychological findings, the human nature by its inherent weakness if left untrained can easily succumb to the pressures of misconduct. In order words, it should be understood that no corporate executive has ever been nor will ever be a model of celestial perfection. Much of the forces that influence group and individual behaviors are largely a result of the prevailing environment; the daily situations we encounter has the propensity to alter even the most well intended motives of an individual thus making us susceptible to unethical conducts.
In our day and age, the corporate environment is undergoing a massive revolution with an attendant level of sophistication highly unprecedented in the annals of humanity. This increasing dynamism makes it difficult to conceptualism the traditional definition of ethics much less placing stringent judgments on its implementation. ...
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