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Organisation Development- Academic Review

The research is subsumed under a much larger project planned by the following organizations: "Organization Development Institute (ODI), Organization Development Network (ODN), and International Organization Development Association (IODA) called the Global Committee on the Future of Organization Development" (Wirtenberg, Abrams, and Ott, 2004, p. 466). This committee is composed of a wide ranging population of leaders in business, corporations, non-profits, academia, and government. The overarching goal of this project is to identify strategies that will promote the efficiency and professionalism of the field of organizational development.
The themes and positions taken in this article can be summarized by the results of the returned surveys and interviews. These results gave a thorough overview of the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the field. These variables will be thoroughly discussed throughout the remainder of the paper. Basically, Wirtenberg et al (2004, p. 465) found that the weaknesses are that the field of OD:
'(a) lacks a clear, distinct definition; (b) needs greater quality control/effectiveness and business acumen among OD Practitioners; and (c) lacks clarity around its return on investment and perceived value of the work performed'.
They also found strengths. OD's systems orientation is a strength. OD as a field stresses change management, teamwork, and leadership development. ...
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The article chosen for review is Assessing the Field of Organization Development written by Wirtenberg, Abrams, and Ott (2004). This article is a description of qualitative survey research regarding the field of Organization Development (OD). In sum, the research was founded upon awareness of problems in the field…
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