Organisational Culture Essay

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The unit to be analyzed in this paper is the dietary department of the East Neasden general hospital, which is a large and prestigious teaching hospital that provides core health, welfare and support services to a large city population and neighboring authorities.


This is evident in the fact that the staff called each other by their first names, and the doctors were called by their first names, except in the presence of patients. However there was a change in the organizational structure and this brought about a change in the culture in East Neasden Dietary department.
After the organizational change in the dietary department, the culture in East Neasden dietary department was more of an organizational structure containing line managers with overall executive authority. This new organizational culture provided a mechanism for control and command of the organization's performance "which had previously been dissipated among the clinical, administrative, nursing, paramedical and support groups responsible for delivering healthcare services." (Marlow, Nigel)
During the organizational changes in the East Neasden dietary department, the new management attempted to use Mcdonaldisation, which is a method of gearing an organization toward maximization. The setback of this method is that efficiency suffers, because workers would tend to be judged by how fast they work, and not by the quality of their work. The new management tried to achieve Calculability, Predictability and Control by eliminating emotion because it was felt that emotions cause inefficiency. ...
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