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Essay example - Entropy International Strategy

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Q1. In 2003, although Entropy International is making a loss, the business environment is changing in ways that might change customers' perceptions of the value of Entropy's services. Assess the suitability of this strategy to meet these changing expectations and achieve sustained profitability

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In order to accomplish this, Entropy International utilized a unique business strategy. At the heart of this strategy is the notion that there is a singular vision throughout the organization. This vision serves as a guiding force for strategic planning and incorporates the necessary components for the systematic expansion of Entropy's customer base and its quest for the lion's share of the market.
One of the most significant focal points of Entropy's business strategy is a dedication to addressing the needs of the customers. In so doing, the management of Entropy ensured that in developing their product, the customer was consulted first and foremost. As a direct result of consulting with the customer and obtaining feedback, Entropy was able to develop a product which satisfied the current needs of its customers and the up-and-coming needs of the market. Secondary to its focus on product development was its commitment to sales and marketing. Entropy was able to realize a great deal of success by expanding its marketing and sales force. ...
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