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The provision of high quality homes in mixed sustainable communities for those in need of adequate housing. There should be continuity in the identification of suitable sites and areas where affordable housing can be provided, and the amount of housing provision sought after.


As outlined in the DCLG report, the role of the organizations involved in the delivery of affordable housing, decisions about the amount and types of affordable housing to be provided in individual proposals should reflect local housing need and individual site suitability, and be a matter for agreement between the parties. Local planning authorities and developers should be reasonably flexible in deciding the types of affordable housing most appropriate to a particular site. The objective should be to ensure that the affordable housing secured will contribute to satisfying local housing needs as demonstrated by a rigorous assessment.
The policy on planning and affordable housing is set out in more detail in DETR Circular 6/98: Planning and Affordable Housing. Where a local planning authority has decided that an element of affordable housing should be provided in development of a site, there is a presumption that such housing should be provided as part of the proposed development of the site. Failure to apply this policy could justify the refusal of planning permission.
A recent report commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government stated that: 'It is not hard to make a strong argument for social housing at sub-market rents' ( ...
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