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Marketing Plan 2007 for NESCAFÉ Coffee (Nestle)

In 1996, Nescafe Kenjara was added to the range. (Nestle, UK)
External Marketing Audit: In 1939 Nescafe was introduced in Britain and coffee production started at the Hayes factory. In 1954 Nescafe was made with 100% coffee. The company's technology in 1964 helped it to retain the coffee aroma in Nescafe. Nescafe Original decaf was launched in 1998, and today there is a whole range of instant Nescafe coffees available to suit every taste. (Nestle, UK).
Nestle has been continuously improving its instant coffees using new technologies and much innovation. It was the first manufacturer in the UK to introduce coffee with a new rich aroma to enhance the coffee flavour.
The market: Nescafe has been around for many years since 1937 and for many years it has been the number one instant coffee brand in the UK. Nescafe, of course, has to contend with competition from other brands. One such brand is the Good African Coffee (GAC), formerly known as Rwenzori Finest Coffee. President of Uganda predicted that one day Good African Coffee would become a household brand like "Nescafe".
Another competing brand is Kenco Instant Coffee, one of the UK's leading coffee brands. ...
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Nescafe coffee is an important item in the product range of the Nestle Company. Nestle is the largest food and Beverage Company in the world. Nestle's UK is an important constituent of this international company.
Some of specific marketing objectives for Nescafe in 2007 may be: Increase sales of Nescafe Partners Blend, by 30% in the 2007 fiscal year; Increase market share by 50% in the "youth" market by December 31, 2007; The Company may also introduce new Nescafe brands to fill out product mix by specific dates.
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