Job Satisfaction: A Review of the Statistics

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When given the choice of palm trees, yacht parties in the Caribbean, or the daily office routine, many would jump at the chance to leave it all behind. However, paying the piper isn't the only reason for going to work everyday. A job can be fun, challenging and provide some sort of satisfaction, right Well, within the past few decades it seems as if job satisfaction is on the decline, along with the business's revenues, productivity and net worth because of this up and coming epidemic.


As you may already know, the AIU gathered a large database of survey responses from 288 individuals that agreed to participate in the study. The questions were asked in regards to gender, age, department, position, tenure, overall job satisfaction, and intrinsic/extrinsic job satisfaction. These statistics will be reviewed before providing clarification in which the methods in which the statistics can be further utilized. The hypothesis to test whether or not the average overall job satisfaction (in the population of all workers in the USA) is equal to 4.5 with a = .05 is further reviewed and determined. An alternative hypothesis suggests that this test will reveal a somewhat decreased number below the suggested 4.5 with a significance level of the standardized .05 or 5%. The critical level, also known as the critical region is any number above or below the designated 4.5 mark.
In regards to the job satisfaction by gender, first we found that the percentage for males was 4.43 (531.7 total male overall satisfaction / 120 male) and for females the percentage w ...
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