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Essay example - Advertising Agency

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An advertising campaign contains several interrelated steps.For example,two companies in the Czech Region,one a small regional company and the other an established multinational company will utilize two different advertisement campaigns …

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To create a successful advertising campaign to stimulate consumer interest, target groups, objectives, campaign communication and expectations, along with communication strategy must be considered for both companies.The target group for the first, smaller company is sportsmen who use food supplements as part of their regimen. The objective of the campaign is to increase sales to such sportsmen through the specialized selling shop, sales representatives, and over the internet. The advertisement should communicate to sportsmen that the food supplements sold by the small company are necessary for increased sports performance. The expectation of this advertising campaign is that sales will increase through the positive message about food supplements from this particular company. The company is small, therefore, the communication strategy is limited only by the company's advertising budget. Internet "ad banners' and small magazine advertisements in sportsmen magazines is a strategic and cost effective way to successfully market this small company's food supplements.The target group for the second company, a large, multinational organisation is a wide variety of consumers, as this company's main staple is detergent. The objective of the campaign is to increase sales by keeping the company's detergent on the minds of consumers. The advertisement should communicate to all consumers that the detergent sold is superior to other detergents on the market. ...
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