Research Techniques

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Solution to the problem is found out by research in a scientific approach. To find a solution to the problem by research requires identifying and analyzing the nature of the problem and experimenting with the new methods to find a solution. The first step to research is to select the basic method by which the problem can be identified and analysed.


The present study is to find out the causes for the lower membership applications when compared to the other golf clubs of the area, the overall perception of the club and to give recommendations on how to increase the membership applications of the club.
The aim of selecting any business research method is to give most useful information to the key decision makers in a most practical and cost-effective way. After adopting qualitative research method, there should be quantitative approach. The ideal researcher uses the combination of methods. At first, the qualitative approach should be followed.
Qualitative research: There are many methods to get the required information, the important things that should be kept in mind while gathering information are, the information should be practical, cost-effective, accurate, credible to the decision makers and the nature of the audience confirm to the methods. This is the primary phase of research.
Quantitative research : After getting the required data qualitatively some conclusions are drawn from the data, the results are tested on a larger scale by taking statistical analysis. ...
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