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Company Innovation Process

Motorola Inc has always strived to be a company which, to a great extent, succeeded in bringing these new products steadily and quickly to the market. Motorola has global customer sectors which trust the company for its innovative attempts to bring out the best of software enhanced wireless phones, two way radios and Internet access products. Lately, due to the cut throat competition in the industry, Motorola, for some reasons, has been pushed back to reconsider and strengthen the innovation process of the organization to keep up the consistency of its performance as a world class producers of electronic communication devices.
Analyzing the situation as the president of Motorola the need of an aggressive innovation process is strikingly inevitable. The development step in the existing process seems to be inadequate for today's need of the industry to deliver timely results in the existing and growing market.
Developing, in fact, could be bringing the idea in the paper defined comprehensively into a solid reality. Though, the regular innovation process in Motorola involves five steps such as inventing, developing, diffusing, integrating and monitoring. The ideas that are worth developing into a successful commercialization seem to be the failure in the innovation process. ...
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Due to the swift evolution in the technology, the expectations of a client on any manufacturer or on any of their products have increased significantly. Coming out victorious through the challenges posted by the compotators are not any more a strategic approach for the manufacturers but the very need of their survival…
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