Managing Change in Contemporary Organization

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Change is a necessary way of life. We are perhaps aware of the axiom that the certainty in the world is that these will be change. The old order changeth, yielding place to new. In this process of change, the Darwinian principles of adaptation and natural selection are as true for the corporate world as they are for the animate.


The environment, which engulfs an organisation, provides the resources and opportunities for the organizations existence. At the same time, the environment itself imposes sanctions determining what an organization can or cannot do. If an organization is to survive, grow and remain prosperous, if must adaft to the demands of the environment, since these demands are constantly changing, organizations must also change.
The last decade has brought with it a time of totally unprecedented change. In every direction businesses are in turmoil, from computing to financial services, from telecommunications to health change is an accelerating and yet there is fundamental dilemma. People need time get used to change, but there is not anytime anymore. The pace of change is now so fast that business face constant market change and must respond very rapidly if they are to survive. Many don't make it. Evidence suggests that the average corporate life styles may be shrinking because of a mobility to change and adopt fast enough. For this reason managing change has now become a crucial part of competitive edge (Clarke, 2002).
Organisational change is the alternation of work environment in the organisation. ...
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