Project Management

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To answer the aim of the dissertation this paper will need to look at and answer the objectives. By reviewing the criteria, skills and competencies this paper will consider what Project Management organisations look for when recruiting a project manager. From this information it will be possible to analyse the results and compare the criteria across sectors and this will confirm or reject the hypothesis of whether project management skills are interchangeable between sectors.


To find out how a project is run and works project success must be looked at in totality to determine what are the success factors that these project management organisations want to achieve overall, 'a successful project'. Project must be run successfully and how this success is brought about must also be researched to determine if project managers can manage projects in other sectors successfully.
It can often be easy to ask the question 'why don't project management organisations branch out into other sectors' but the risk associated with the move must also be researched. It may be possible that the risk outweighs the benefits in some circumstances.
In principle the success of a project should be determined by the satisfaction of the end use, often the project owners. This argument is fundamental to this paper's discussion. The issue of whether a manager is able to successfully move across sectors will impact their performance on each project. The converse of this argument is that those that have spent the majority of their professional career focusing on a sector will be able to offer a deeper and more specialised array of skills that will prove invaluable to the project owners. ...
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