An investigation into why e-businesses fail

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The im of this reserch ws to determine whether online businesses should be undertking their own in-house mrketing, or if they should be using professionl mrketing compnies to void business filure. This will be chieved by looking e-mrketing or mrketing in n online environment; undertking reserch on filed nd successful online businesses, s well s the fctors tht influence success in n online business.


The results of the cse studies hve shown tht stff with experience in mrketing is vitl to the success of the online business, s mrketing in online business encompsses most spects of the business, nd is not just confined to ttrcting nd retining customers. Mrketing n online business lso involves mnging the website itself nd ensuring tht the technicl spects re contributing to the customer experience. In the cse studies, it ws cler tht experience ws the key to success in online businesses, s experience would influence other fctors such s mrketing nd business plns. Some online businesses my need professionl help in mrketing, but only if they hve not expertise within the tem. Therefore it ws more importnt to recognise nd identify the shortcomings of the online business model before setting up the online business. This seemed to be greter determinnt of success, s well-thought out business nd mrketing pln would nd should include experienced nd qulified personnel. The disserttion lso highlighted the importnce of business prtnerships especilly where the online business ws not mnufcturer.
Since the dwn of the internet, lot of businesses nd individuls set bout estblishing online businesses in bid to mss mssive profits. ...
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