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Samsung Electronics Brand - Coursework Example

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It is now a common perception that branding is a fundamental element in ensuring the success of any business and more specifically the consumer electronic business. Brands are considered to be value generators for business and it becomes necessary to understand how brand loyalty among consumers is created and how brands help to generate value…

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Samsung Electronics Brand

The objective of this paper is to evaluate the term 'brand' as it extends to cover the products in the electronics market in general and to examine the strategies followed by Samsung Electronics in building a powerful global brand. The study also examines the strengths and weaknesses of the electronic market to suggest more effective brand marketing strategies. On the basis of a survey conducted among the consumers of electronic products this study concludes that the branding has a large influence in promoting the sales of electronic products especially consumer electronic products in which segment Samsung is one of the major contenders.
Extending the business on a global level has its own attractions as well as challenges a company or product has to face in achieving a global position. However it is a difficult proposition to achieve a completely global presence in all the markets with an identical core value. The decision of an organization to take its brand globally stems from the availability of many strategic opportunities like size and magnitude of market, displacement of potential competitors, and possible economies of scale, enlargement of revenue and margins and chances of enhancing innovations. ...
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