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Case Study
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The results chapter deals with the presentation of results of the interview held in accordance with the methodology described in the previous chapter. To make it easier to comprehend the whole chapter is divided into subsections relating to each of the questions of interview.


The second section introduces the initial career goals set by female specialists in Nigeria. Next, the motivation for women joining banks is observed. An important qualitative measure - a level of job satisfaction with its connection to performance - is given after that. General issues regarding the career development of women in Nigeria follows then. After that a particular inequality issues are analysed in the order of the descending significance. At first issues regarding work-life balance are given. The next section speculates on theoretical assumptions of wage gap, glass ceiling, and occupational segregation connecting them to answers from the interview. After that the influence of the supervisor is drawn with special attention to mentoring. Then follows the analysis of the effect of cultural influence with assumptions on its adjustment. Finally, the conclusion briefly names all the results acquired in this research.
Age of the respondents fluctuates from 25 to 45. It is important to notice that the research sample reflects the situation on the whole banking industry; that is most of the female employees working in Nigerian banks are married, well-educated women in their 30-40s. Note that there was no visible connection found between the age of the employee and the generation of bank (first/second).
Most of the Nigerian women are occupied in the ...
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