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Security Management

organizing physical detection, alarm, response, and control systems; for many federal and private occasions and on regular basis. According to Mullins, a central part of the study of organization and management is the development of management thinking and what might be termed management theory. The application of theory brings about change in actual behavior. So when a security specialist starts applying the management theory, he can change the entire behavior of the organization towards security.
The Security manager's primary duty involves managing and supervising the security employees. The security programs like personnel, physical, information, or industrial security does need experts in their area of specialization. A security expert in Information system may not handle all the physical security threats. This makes the necessity of security expert in that particular field to operate the security operations in the organization.
Just like, risk management, security is also to be managed with reference to its plan, standards and practices. ...
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Security programs differ in scope, complexity, and purpose. The security is needed for material, equipment, machinery tools, people, money, documents, technical and nuclear information, weapons, fuels, medical supplies, Research and development property, intellectual property, concepts, ideas etc., All these elements need to be protected under the security management program…
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