Consumer Behavior Essay

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The aim and objective of this research is to identify the influence of various factors such as consumer behavior on the demand of fashionable product. It will also try to explore that what factors really motivate the purchase of this product. We will also be comparing the store loyalty of fashionable items and non-fashion items.


Besides, there a number of such factors such as the subculture, the stage of life, age demographics, the personality and perception and so on. In this research, we will be identifying those factors and exploring their impact on the buying decision of the consumers for fashion goods.
We are living a global village, where culture frequently come into contact with one another and as a result affects them. As the level of communication and interaction are growing with the rapid advancement in information and communication technology, with the same acceleration fashion is changing. One of the main factors that influence these changes in the demand of fashionable goods is consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is a complicated and diverse area of study. Since marketing is based on identifying, anticipating and providing customer needs it is important to understand them. There are two predominant types of buying: consumer buying, which consists of buying products for personal use, and organizational buying, which involves buying for organizational purposes. For marketers to satisfy consumer needs more fully than competitors it is important to recognize the elements that influence buying.
This research proposal will identify the main factors influencing consumer behavior patterns, particularly when purchasing fashion items. ...
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