Maverick Computer Breakers

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Maverick Computer Breakers (MCB) is a New York-based company that offers Personal Computer (PC) breaker services to the PC owners and the organizations alike. The company is a proprietorship organisation currently however the business plans to make it a New York based LLC in next 2-3 years.


While it has filled some of student's spare time, they are now ready to concentrate on developing this business into a more efficient source of revenue while helping the environment by offering a suitable recycling of the personal computers and accessories. In order to secure funds from the angel investors, the company has decided to come up with a business plan which can be presented to the prospective investors. The plan would also be helpful in creating internal review of the targets, milestones and deadlines. Maverick Computer Breakers (MCB) operates with low overhead, but seeks capital for expanding their operations.
Maverick Computer Breakers (MCB) has recognized various target segments which would be vigorously pursued. The biggest of them all is theIndividual Consumer segment which wants to upgrade to the higher version of the computers. The other segment which can be pursued vigorously is the organization segments. This segment consists of the organizations which use computers for their regular operations. As the new and faster computers come into the market these organisation want to dispose of their existing machines. In the current scenario, either they are not aware of the disposal process or they do not have time to pursue the disposal. MCB would help them achieve the disposal of their existing machines at a reasonable cost.
To establish Maverick Computer Breakers (MCB) as an important brand in the Compute ...
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