Computer Market

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A free market is characterized by the application of the forces of demand and supply to determine prices of commodities. Simply put, when the demand for a product increases, the price of the product increases and vice versa. In a free market, the price is fixed at the point where supply meets demand, as shown in the diagram below:


Likewise, there are many other determinants of demand for a computer market such as knowledge and price barriers, social influences, lifestyle changes, and competitor and component prices, and so on.
The world's second largest personal computer maker, Dell, launched its latest Inspiron 1525 laptop computer that features 15.4-inch HD definition wide aspect display with 720p resolution, a Blue-ray player disc drive and an HDMI port along with the basic features. Dell has been quoted as an example to guide through the learning of the economics of computer pricing.
Recent years have seen fall in prices of personal computers even in the face of increasing demand. To study this further, it should be kept in mind that demand and supply control prices in a free market and increase in the supply of a product over demand causes the price of the product to fall.
A free market can be defined as a market where the sellers and the buyers of a product are free to determine the price of the product and this is done by the law of demand and supply. Free markets are in contrast to controlled markets where factors determining prices are influenced by external parties. In a free market, however, the demand and supply for a product determines whether the price of the product increases or decreases. ...
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