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Assignment example - Operations & Service Management

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What is the external performance objectives Wace Burgess should apply to obtaining the M & S business, and discuss how these might differ from performance objectives applied to existing customers. (15 marks)
Wace Burgess also needs to have ardent focus on external performance objectives like Information, Tools, Incentive and environment and understand the correlation with the internal determinants like Knowledge, Capacity, Motivation and Attitude.

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Orientation, Legal Restriction, Layout and Design, Composition, Process Photography, Darkroom Procedures, Stripping, Plate making, Offset Ink and Paper, Bindery Operations, Offset Press Operation, Production Problems, and Occupations and Evaluation .Main is the usage of special paper for printing for M& S.
Note: All corporate and promotional material (e.g. booklets, leaflets and posters) must be approved by the Publications Officer, before being passed to the Print Unit for reproduction. 3-5 working days should be allowed for this, depending on the complexity of the job.
In order to obtain order from M&S,Wace Burgess need to focus and assess on the potential risks and reward for its sustenance and integrity .It is ideal to sign a printing services agreement including the expectations of the client stating all the possible format for orders, Costing ,Capacity planning,Utilisation,Turn around time ,Accuracy parameter, designing process and die cutting etc .There should also be stringent clause on payment terms and penalty or adjustments in terms of late completion of order based on impact of loss incurred by W&S.
Wace Burgess should also the need to commercialize the new technology on a large scale and to make profits a ...
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