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Measuring Institutional Performance

For instance, if the students at School A receive higher scores on a standardized exam than students at School B, School A is viewed as being the better school. Some areas even rate their schools based on standardized score reports, with parents moving their children around to the higher-rated schools in hopes of them receiving a better education. Certain other statistics are also used as a performance measure when it comes to educational institutions. A large one is the number of students that enroll in college close to graduation or upon graduation from that educational institution. The rating and/or popularity of the colleges that those students enroll in also play a large factor in the process. The numbers of students within an educational institution that participate in community or other outside activities also give a favorable impression when it comes to measuring the performance of that institution. Generally, the more positive media attention an educational institution receives, the better it is rated in its overall performance.
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Education provides an important area of application for systems of performance management and for techniques of performance measurement. (Mayston, 2000, pg. 1)…
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