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South West Tourism Industry

The post industrial era presents compelling evidence that the global climate is in a state of flux and will continue to fluctuate sometimes unpredictably and abnormally over the coming decades of the 21st century (United Nations World Tourism Organization 2003). Statistics show that the global mean temperature increased over 0.76C between 1850-1899 and 2001-2005(IPCC 2007) and this has been attributed to the constantly increasing greenhouse emissions which are said to cause adverse amounts of poisonous concentrations in the atmosphere. (Clarkson, R. 2002:Pearce, D. W. 2006:Pielke, R. A., Jr. 2005)
The adverse impact of climatic change is not just restricted to our lifestyles and social well being but it also stands as a threat to economies relying solely upon tourism as an industry (Yohe et al 2007). Indeed the United Kingdoms Government Policy is increasingly taking into account the fact that in the decades ahead climatic change will become a focal issue for tourism development and management (Gossling, S. & Hall, and C.M. 2006). This is true to a large extent for the South West regions of Britain where the tourism industry has recently come to be considered as a highly climate sensitive economic sector similar to the food and transport industry. (Wilbanks et al 2007).
The South West is a particular example of the how regional manifestation ...
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The Stern Report (2006) on the Economics of Climate Change made some landmark observations as to the detrimental impact of the global warming upon the tourist economy. While drawing attention to the potential damage caused by unmitigated climate change it stated that,
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