Advertising through Video Games

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Brand Dominance is undoubtedly the main distinguishing factor among companies today;as every organization aims to set its product's branding a class apart from the rest.A global brand name has become the most sought after weapon for directors of leading companies


However, building a brand that can withstand the test of time and retain its undisputed position among the consumers is definitely not an easy task. As human creativity coupled with technological advancements is on a constant inclination, companies face challenges from all sides. Companies are always pushed to the extremes of being the leaders of the global market than mere survivors. The concept of 'blue ocean markets' has now become a clich as every market sector throngs with more and more companies with relentless aim to carve a niche market for themselves. In such scenarios, strategic companies go beyond the textbooks of brand equity and charter the new areas. One such medium that possesses promise, to loft almost every brand today is the Video Gaming arena.Human brain has always been looking for newer aspects in the various categories faced in life. As the consumer's vision of gaining information over the radio and television has drifted to the newer and faster technologies like computers, there was a necessity to hire new methodologies to reach out for them. The best method to involve the consumers of all age groups was to focus on the advertising aspects through Video Games.This paper mainly aims at studying the factors involved and the prospective benefits that advertising through video games brings about. ...
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