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E-Commerce Application Development

There are five types of e-business models that form the basic structure on which websites are based. These five models are vanity, billboard, advertising, subscription and storefront. Many sites also combine these basic models. All sites incur cost of development and maintenance, though they may not be deriving direct revenue from it. The five models of e-commerce have unique characteristics.
The Vanity model, as the name suggests, cater typically to individuals who start it as an outlet for expression, to share a hobby, promote a cause such as an environmental or social agenda, etc. The site then acts like an online forum, to bring people together. A very good example for such a site is greenpeace.org. The site brings together people who are conscious about the degradation of the environment and helps raise a voice against issues such as climate change, endangered species, deforestation etc. The revenue models for such Vanity sites build up through advertisements of related organisations, services and products. In the case of Greenpeace, the site is maintained mainly through donations. ...
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Any business activity that takes place online (through the Internet) be it the buying and selling of goods and services, collaboration with business partners and other electronic transfers, can be referred to as e-commerce or e-business. There are various types of e-commerce classified according to the partners of the business process…
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