Relationship Marketing Master Essay

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Business organizations are facing intense competition and it is important that they adopt effective marketing channels and good relationship marketing so that the goods that they manufacture get to the end consumers. This paper is meant to analyze the various marketing channels for both the traditional retail business, the internet based business and the importance of the relationship marketing within the marketing channels.


It also involves a structure for sales and distribution for the goods to reach the customers. The structure also involves how the manufacturers motivate, sells, stores and delivers the goods to the final consumer.
For a marketing channel to be effective, it requires that proper communication is effectively done to avoid poor communication. Communication involves advertising, promotions; electronic-mail, telephone conversations and complaints follow up. To be able to design an effective marketing channel, it is imperative that the business analyze customer needs, set up objectives and also be able to evaluate alternative marketing channels for their organization.
In the traditional retail business wholesalers, distributors, retailers and the consumers are all involved in the transferring process. Storage and shipping is an important aspect of the marketing channel and it takes place at every level of the distribution channel. It is usually facilitated by players such as warehouse agents and freight carriers. ...
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