Essay sample - Assess of the strategies and processes as compared to traditional "bricks and mortar" businesses

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In his book Business at the Speed of light, Bill Gates1 mentions that The Web Work style Eases Geographic Constraints. He explains that before the before the Web, most workers were confined by geography. Web communication is changing the requirement that you have to live close to work…


Soon telecommuting will not only become more common, but its essence will change. Today, most telecommuters do tasks that do not require a physical presence at the office-writing or analysis. E-mail and phone provide some interaction with colleagues, but most of the remote work is solitary. In the future, videoconferencing, electronic collaboration on documents, and the integration of the phone and PC will create a telepresence at the office that is impossible today for home workers. These technologies are already removing geography as a barrier to work.This excerpt from the book makes us understand the real scale of change that is happening around us in the way in which business is going to be done in future. The ways in which people think, act and decide are going to change. These changes are also obvious in the way in which the business operations are carried out. The business processes that are required to carry out the everyday operations in a business are changing rapidly across the world. Hence, this essay is written to understand the differences between the traditional business models and the e-businesses with respect to the various activities such as the marketing, procurement, payment systems, security, logistics and supply chain management are discussed in this paper. The objective of this analysis is to understand better the way in which internet has changed business operations and for this purpose, is selected for analysis. ...
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