British Petroleum Management

Case Study
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A report on management means the application of overall knowledge of the course and to apply all the knowledge and understanding of management on organization is an uphill task. This report is on the management functions in British Petroleum. The reason why this organization is chosen is that it is the company which has a multinational presence yet it is very British in essence.


Employing close to 100,000 people and daily serving millions of customers worldwide, BP handles energy at all levels, from exploration and production to refining and marketing to developing gas, power, and renewable sources.
BP was originally founded in 1909 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company by William Knox D'Arcy who was given a concession by the Shah of Iran to search for oil in the region. The company expanded slowly, with a few bumps along the road due to the changing political conditions. By 1954, it had formally adopted the title of The British Petroleum Company, and in the 1960s, it started to widen its horizons beyond the Middle East and explore hitherto untapped oil-rich areas, such as Alaska (USA) and the North Sea. Through development and acquisitions, BP has steadily increased its transnational dominance to attain its present towering position in the league of petrochemical giants.
Management functioning is systematic and well organized. Different department heads report directly to the Managing Director. Each of the different department heads have their respective managerial and non-managerial staff working for them. Department heads are responsible for the functions assigned to their departments.
Management philosophy ...
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