The Business Environment of Tesco Plc

Case Study
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From its foundation by John Cohen as a one-man business, Tesco PLC has ascended to the world retail industry becoming the largest British retailer based on both global and local shares. In its early years of operation, the UK-based international retailer specializes only in the distribution of food products but as it gained more market and its performance strengthened, it enhanced its portfolio by augmenting other goods and services to which ranges from clothing to consumer electronics to consumer financial services to internet services to internet service and consumer telecom.


In its website, Tesco Plc clearly identifies its mission by the statement "Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty" (Tesco Plc 2008) This statement is in recognition that the success of the giant retailer is highly dependent on two key identified stakeholders-"the people who shop with us and the people who work with us" (Tesco Plc 2008). Thus, the company also expresses its two core values which are focused on the satisfaction of these two groups of stakeholders. For customers, Tesco maintains that in their stores "No-one tries harder for customers," (Tesco Plc 2008) while for its employees, it stresses that it would "Treat people as we like to be treated" (Tesco Plc 2008).
This analysis will focus on three stakeholders of Tesco Plc, two of which are already identified above as its customers and employees. It should be noted that the success of the business organization is dependent on the customers' decision to purchase in the retail store. ...
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