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Organizational Culture

And that it is the informal "backstage" or company policies, and culture embodied by these policies that determine the values and assumptions of all employees, and their subsequent performance.
In the following paper I am taking a reflective approach to concepts discussed in class, and using them as a filter to interpret organizational practices of the organization that I work for, that is NESMA. Organizational leadership. culture and human resource management at NESMA shall be presented and interpreted through he theories presented in contemporary management literature. Throughout this reflective process, I remind myself and the reader of Lewin's (1951) comment that to understand any organization we do by virtue change it, and so any diagnosis that I make will also be an intervention on my part. What a responsibility!
[background of me : ) you!! How old, gender, how long been with company, duties within the organization, why taking this management course, what hope to get from it, how is the course relevant to being a manager].
I am inspired in the knowledge that leaders can be developed. Policies implemented within my organization (generic skills training, progression of responsibilities) provide me with opportunities to develop more as a person, and as a contributing member of NESMA. ...
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An organization is a dynamic social structure that forms and maintains itself to achieve collective goals (Buchanan & Huczynski 2004). Contemporary organizations are very aware that change is a key factor to maintaining a diversified company that provides effective services (Flower, 1992)…
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