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Annotated Bibliography example - Communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Annotated Bibliography
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Topic: Communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR) Becker-Olsen, K., Taylor, C., Hill, R.P., and Yalcinkaya, G. (2011). A cross-cultural examination of corporate social responsibility marketing communications in Mexico and the United States: strategies for global brands…

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It was primarily assumed that the global brand positioning theory is widely applicable, explaining that consumers’ perceptions can be improved if the brand is considered as global. On the whole, CSR communication can bring about positive outcomes for firms; multinational companies that highlight global CSR initiatives and efforts can bring about favorable perceptions among the public. Nonetheless, there is still a great need to consider the significance of certain needs based on local values and experiences. Bhattacharya, C., and Sen, S. (2004). Doing better at doing good: when, why, and how consumers respond to corporate social initiatives. California Management Review, 47 (1), 9-25. As the paper highlighted the impact of corporate social responsibility communication on the public, findings showed that consumers are more sensitive and demonstrate greater reactions towards negative CSR information compared to positive CSR information. Thus, in employing communication strategies, managers should be aware of the risks in being observed as socially irresponsible. Because the lack of awareness among consumers regarding CSR can restrict their ability to respond to such initiatives, it is important that companies increase such awareness levels through effective communication strategies. ...
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