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An Interview with a Local Entrepreneur

Owing to ethical reasons, animosity has been maintained about the person, and hence his real name has not been used here and is replaced by Jimmy Ferris. But his story of coming into the business and being successful is worth telling. The story shares the difficulty that a person faces in his life, yet moves on to fulfill his dreams. It was truly a beautiful experience to have a chat with him and know about his journey through the business. This may also inspire new ideas, which are waiting to get explored. In today’s world, new and budding entrepreneurs are coming up with vibrant new ideas which are worth noting and considering. This is, however just one story among many. Hackensack is a city in New Jersey in the United States having a population of around forty-five thousand. There are several small businesses in this city which covers different industries, including marketing, agriculture, healthcare, housing, insurance, information technology, manufacturing, and other public sectors. Each business has its own story behind it about the role that an entrepreneur plays, and thus each has a different success story. The story narrated here is that of Mr. Jimmy Ferris (name changed) who was born in London in June 1976 in a family that had histories of business starters. His father was involved in an import-export business and made huge money at one point of time. ...
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An Interview with a Local Entrepreneur
An ‘entrepreneur’ refers to a person who takes all inherent risks and starts a new business or venture of his own. They have strong leadership capabilities with which they lead a business by selecting efficient managerial staff and thereby fulfill their dreams…
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