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comparative analysis between two DIFFERENT FIRMS in two different countries

The two firms operating in different countries identified to have similar problems are Ford India Private Limited operating in India and Pak Suzuki Motors Company operating in Pakistan. Ford India Private Ltd is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company is considered to be one of the most renowned automobile manufacturers around the globe. With respect to automobile manufacturing, it is placed second in the United States and fifth largest automobile manufacturer in Europe (Schmitt, 2011). Pak Suzuki Motors Company, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. As both these countries are close neighboring countries, they are deemed to face similar challenges and problem during their normal course of business. The biggest challenge for both Ford India Private Motor Company would be to produce cheap cars in the region in which they operate as both the countries are considered to have large amount of poor people living within the economy. Both the countries are considered to have increased gap between the rich and the poor where the rich get much richer while the poor head for much more dark slumps. ...
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COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS – FORD INDIA AND PAK SUZUKI Author Abstract This paper gives an analysis of two firms operating within different countries and the issues, challenges and problems that both these firms have to face during their normal course of business are highlighted as an integral part of the paper…
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