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One of the important arguments presented by Kemney is his emphasis on the encouragement of cost renting. He argues that it will allow the discouragement of the profit renting besides achieving the high level of maturation. …


Kemney’s views are mostly based on the integration of the market based practices into the social housing practices and how the regulatory environment can be tailored to make suitable changes.
Accordingly, the respective adjustment of the supply and demand mechanism in the market and the government intervention into the market through political management of the cost control mechanism can ensure the stability of the market.
An alternative mechanism presented by Kemney discusses about the unitary model wherein the suppression of the cost renting can be achieved through a comparison between the cost renting as well as the profit renting in the social housing. Thus the use of unitary model attempts to combine both the profit as well as the non-profit motives in order to stabilize the market and ensure that both aspects of the market remain within acceptable limits and help achieve the policy objectives of the social housing. The implementation of the unitary model is therefore, believed to be not creating the rent differentials which may occur in case of dualist model.
His arguments also tend to focus on the influence of different pressure groups and the corporatism in the social housing market. As such different countries have different rental systems in place owing to the overall nature of their culture. For example, the system in UK is relatively different as compared to the countries like Sweden. ...
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