IMAX: Larger Than Life

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IMAX is a company that is engaged in the business of manufacturing IMAX cameras, projection systems and it is also managing the IMAX theatres. This paper will describe the organizational culture at IMAX. Also, it will analyze the organizational structure at IMAX. Further, it will discuss internal organizational activities as a basis of competitive advantage on IMAX…


IMAX is not only a type of the film, camera or projection equipment but it is a combination of the camera, film, projection and the space where the film is projected. The company was founded in the year 1968 and was later acquired by Gelfond and Wechsler in 1994 for $80 million.
Organizational culture at imax
Organizational culture of an organization is highly important in order to assess the type of the organization. Organizational culture is the reflection of the way things are done within an organization. The structure of the organization, the policies and procedures of the organization, the work environment in an organization; all these factors collectively form the culture of the organization.
At IMAX, the organization is engaged in production and exhibition of films which are larger in size than the traditional films. Since the organization was started with the help of National Film Board of Canada, it can be said that it had the attributes of the organizational culture of a government organization.
Traditional films are 35mm while the IMAX films are 70mm in size. The films are projected at screen which are, on average, eight stories high and 120 feet wide. The screens are designed in such a manner that images stretch to the end of the peripheral vision of the viewer. In this way, a viewer finds himself completely indulged in the motion picture. IMAX is mostly equipped with 3D projectors that exhibit 3D movies. ...
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