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Essay example - International Sustainable Business: Brewing

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There is a need to increase its ability to determine and fight its rivals. However, the said sector is still home to diverse members with specific corporate…

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This paper particularly introduces the innovative business model for the brewing sector in the UK.
British brewery sector is highly associated with employment having people directly employed in it. It is estimated that in 2010 there were over 983,000 jobs sustained due to the brewing activity in the UK through direct, indirect, and induced effects of the brewing as an international and highly acclaimed business (BBPA, 2010).
The brewing sector in the UK has the potential to sustain its growth amidst anti-alcoholism activities (SIBA, 2010). It has the capacity to employ manpower and there is a great level of dependence on it by choosing potential people for brewing activity. Manpower are employed with great consideration on their skills. This has potential impact on the economic condition in the UK. Thus, this needs special attention primarily because it provides significant economic benefits to the national economy.
The human resources have significant function or role to play in an organisation (Ferris et al., 2007). The human resource is considered one of the most important assets in most organisations because it is imperative to its effectiveness, survival of the business and its competitive advantage (Bryant and Allen, 2009; Ferris et al., 1998; Boxall, 1998). People are to implement the tasks that every organisation needs to perform to achieve its corporate goals. There is a need to invest in human capital because it is found that it particularly generates and enhances innovative capability (Huang et al., 2011). Thus, it is always a major consideration to include socio-economic concerns in dealing with the human resource (Cardon and Stevens, 2004; Gunderson, 2001).
Considering that the brewing sector in the UK is composed of different independent companies, it is necessary to integrate the human resource into one entity to the same level of standard. One of the innovative moves that the British brewing sector to achieve the peak of its ...
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