Honda Marketing Strategies in USA

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The topic of the essay is how Honda emerged as one of the leading players in the automobile market in the USA. The focus of the paper is to analyse the strategy of Honda with respect to selling cars in the USA as well as the adaptation of a different approach from what it had been following in Japan. …


Honda started as a motorcycling company in the 1950’s when it ventured into the US market. At that time it was a humble beginning for a company like Honda which had tough competition from other companies in the USA who were already selling motorbikes and cars in the USA. However, they took rapid strides and within a few decades, from a humble motorcycling company they went on to become the largest automobile manufacturers in the USA. This paper shall analyse the marketing strategies they deployed in order to become successful in an alien market like the USA.
Honda was already a big consumer giant in Japan before it came into foray in the United States. The name was very famous in Japan and Honda took that brand value and applied it to its products in the USA. It all started with a small entry into the US market where they had no scope for growth, but a carefully plan market research got them to understand that people in US travelled long distance.
The one liner they had shot them to prominence and they have remained at the top since that very time. It is due to sheer adaptation of the market were they able to demonstrate their products, which were able to meet the needs of the daily commuter in the USA. ...
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