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Cultural Differences

American workplace however differs that individuals are expected to rely on its own merit where hiring and promotion depends on what one have done or can do.
It will not be offensive to impose professionalism at work. While kinship is valued in Philippine society in general, its professional class understands the virtue of performance and results as a basis for hiring and promotion.
The perspective about power has the biggest disparity between United States and the Philippines. US scored 40 on this and this is reflective of American values of equality, liberty and justice for all compared to the Philippines which is a younger society and thus still feudalistic scoring 94 manifesting its hierarchial society which is reflective of its society’s inherent inequalities. Unlike in the US workplace where both managers and employees share information frequently in a manner that is informal, direct and participative, it is quite the opposite in the Philippines where subordinates expect to be told what to do and the ideal boss is the benevolent autocrat. While American workplace requires little structure and little rules, these are emphasized in the Philippine workplace. Subordinates know their places and are generally accepting of this structure.
This difference in perspective of the workplace an easily be resolved as a new manager in the Philippine context by clearly stating what is expected of its employees or subordinates. It can initiate a new culture of being more “egalitarian” in the workplace making it more flat which Philippine society is generally accepting of any initiative from the management as long as it does not threaten them.
Both countries scored low on long-term orientation with the Philippines scoring 19 while the US scored 29. This does not however mean that both countries share all the characteristic of short sightedness. US short ...
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There are still however some fundamental differences between the value system of these two countries which can be gleaned from power distance,…
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