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My Personality

High score in Scale O reveals the individual’s frankness to new experiences, easy mixing up with new people, high level of honesty, integrity, hard work, and imagination. I have made 32 out of 35 in Scale O, which original, creative and curious person. Since being original and independent is vehemently necessary for a leader, I feel delighted on possessing the quality. Moreover, a leader is required to be exceedingly creative and imaginative, so that he can guide his team by dint of his wonderful and innovative ideas, essential for earning distinguished status for the organization.
High score in Scale C lays stress upon conscientiousness; hence, it proves the personality as well organized, responsible and reliable professional. While looking into my score, I have made 35 out of 35, which endorses my innate talent of being extremely reliable for the company, co-workers, sub-ordinates, and public at large. Some entrepreneur has rightly stated that skilled persons can be discovered, but finding out honest and trustworthy professionals is really hard nut to crack particularly in the contemporary era. Hence, my being reliable and responsible would certainly wide open opportunities of making new friends a educational and professional careers, and would earn sound reputation and respect for me for the future years to come.
Scale E concentrates upon the individuals’ being social and outgoing. Although I have gregarious nature and easily make long term friendship, yet I cannot be viewed as people’s person due to the very reality that I mostly want to get involved into solitary intellectual pursuits, which demand for complete concentration, silence and a bit isolation for the accomplishment of the same. Somehow, it does not mean that I am a recluse type of person; on the contrary, I have obtained high score in the scale, which endorses me as sociable, amicable and friendly. These qualities maintain imperative significance for leadership, as leader should ...
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The Big 5 Personality Inventory provides a comprehensive analysis about the aptitude, liking and disliking, as well as an in-depth investigation into social and professional behavior of the individuals. George Manning (2009) has provided an outstanding interpretation of…
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