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global business venture

The battery life is the same 10 hours as of it predecessor. This iconic tablet is available in two colours, black or white, and supports HDMI output using a separate cable. It has front-facing cams with the traditional rear camera and a few cool accessories offered first time by Apple (Apple iPad, 2012).
Till now, the product has been launched in many different counties but not in Japan. The other products of Apple have been successfully launched in Japan previously. Therefore Apple Incorporation is now planning to introduce iPad 2 in Japan. For this purpose government, political and economic analysis was carried out.
Japans government is a constitutional monarchy and has a parliamentary government. Sovereignty, previously embodied in the emperor, is vested in the Japanese people, and The Emperor is the symbol of the state with sovereignty bestowed to the people of the country. Cabinet composes of Prime Minister and State Ministers and holds the executive power. The members of the cabinet must all be civilians and the power to appoint and remove state minister lies with the prime minister.
The judiciary here is independent, with judicial system being drawn from civil law, customary law and Anglo-American common law. The final judicial authority is with the Supreme Court, though there are several levels of courts. The Japanese constitution includes a bill of rights similar to the U.S. Bill of Rights, and the Supreme Court has the right of judicial review. The court verdicts are made in accord with legal statutes.
Since the 1980’s Japan has faced political instability. To put Japan back on the path of vibrant growth, the nations tax system was changed; there was a cut in corporate tax and a hike in sales tax, to escape sovereign debt crisis. There were a few other changes in government policies to attract investors towards Japan which had given positive outcomes (Takenaka, 2010).
The free-market economy of Japan is the third-largest economy in ...
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The core products of Apple Inc. are Macintosh computer line-up, iPod music player and the IPad. IPad 2 was officially launched in United States of…
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