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Organizational Behavior wk 7 discussion

Norms are on the other hand established codes that are communicated to members of the organization and subsequently observed (Cameron and Quinn, 2011).
The structure at the company, Google, is organic. This is because of its structural features that include teamwork, integration of efforts and processes, decentralized authority, and informal communication (Cho, 2012).
Organizational culture of a company can be a strategic competitive advantage. This is because it is a direct tool to operational efficiency and hence organizational performance. A culture that motivates employees particularly promotes efficiencies towards cost effectiveness. As a result, the organization will be able to achieve competitive advantage through lower prices. Similarly, an informal culture in which the employees are allowed room for experiments into innovation leads to development of new brands of commodities towards competitive advantage (Cameron and Quinn, 2011).
The organizational culture at Google Company is an example of cultures that generates effectiveness. The organic structure and the freedom of employee facilitate innovation of processes and products leading to effectiveness (Cho, ...
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It includes features such as structure, language, values, and conduct among others. The elements of organizational culture, as expressed by Cameron and Quinn…
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