Briefly explicate the overall thesis's of Robert Kuttner's, "Everything for Sale," and Daniel Bell's, "The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism," AND DO SO WITH EQUAL FOCUS - Essay Example

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Briefly explicate the overall thesis's of Robert Kuttner's, "Everything for Sale," and Daniel Bell's, "The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism," AND DO SO WITH EQUAL FOCUS

In summary, Kuttner demonstrates that there are notable differences between how markets operate in any business set up viewed theoretically and the real performance in practice. The writer notes that there are means that there are a number of unforeseen occurrences that take place in the market (Seligman 87). Most of the economists apply many theories in planning businesses, but as the author writes, there are other factors. Perfect markets are hard to realize and efforts to realize them may cause other problems to the society, for example, interfere with democratic rights of people. Everything for Sale focuses on a number of flawed markets such as labor, health care and finance. The objective of the book is to notify the community on the need for a democratic government control in matters of the economy.
Daniel Bell was an American sociologist renowned for his editorial work and promotion of industrialism in USA (Lizardo 222). Bell incorporates his skills in combining his social skills and political ideas in his writings. Bell wrote the book, “The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism”, in 1976 (Lizardo 223). It demonstrates how the customs brought about by capitalism harms personal satisfaction and the factors that led to capitalism in business.
Bell’s thesis makes use of sociology, psychological and theoretical skills in economics. Author’s focus is the cooperation of people in applying Rawl’s maximin idea in satisfaction of minimum lifestyle rather than maximum lifestyle, which is capital consuming (Lizardo 233). At the time of writing of this book, there was minimal technological advancement hence less capital advancement in business. Despite low technological advancement, Bell seems to have an eye on improvements in technology and its impact on capitalism in business. The rising diversity in cultural practices of different people affects the progress in business.
In the first thesis, Kuttner looks at the ...
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His participation in foundation of Economic Policy Institute in US remains influential in creating economic knowledge in the state. Some of the Kuttner’s published economics related…
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