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Essay example - Global Expansion

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On the whole, globalization has ensured that the era where diplomatic barriers demanded that people had to travel from one country to the other before social,…

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ether, especially through a common medium like the economy or the Internet.” What this means is that the Internet is the major agent for realizing the dream of globalization. For major companies like Westinghouse, there is a lot of implication to this basic fact. For instance, they have the core obligation of ensuring that they device systematic strategies that will ensure that customers are able to capitalize on access to technology and the internet to be specific to do business with them.
Presently, Westinghouse has experienced so much transformation when it comes to globalization. These strategies have essentially been aimed at ensuring maximum expansion of the company’s services and products to all parts of the world. Presently, globalization has ensured that the company has its presence felt in as many as twice the number of countries where they have their physical presence (Conchúir et al, 2009). Some of the simplest methods that have been used by the company to make this possible are by ensuring that it allows sponsored and well monitored parcel and courier services to countries where the only option for making purchases is through online marketing. As online marketing continues to gain so much influence on the use of the internet, what has become imperative now is for companies to position themselves in a manner that would ensure that they can track all purchases online and ensure proper delivery (Lute, Eslinger & Jacobus, 2009). This is particularly important because of the insurgence of internet fraud in the face of increasing participation of internet trading. Invariably, companies that do not put in personal measures in ensuring that international customers who make purchases through the internet can trust their services would become major losers in the face of competitors who can do this.
Even though the current globalization approaches used by Westinghouse is highly recommended, there remains a basic fact that there still remains a lot more the ...
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