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Case Study example - Peter Green's First Day

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Case Study
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One side, he does not want to lie by declaring merchandise as defective to favor Bob as it is against his business ethics and on the other hand, he does not want to lose Peabodys account. The conflict is real as he needs to find a plausible…

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erned about any ethical dealing in the business if the matter comes to win the business and retain the account and that is why he believes more on-the-job training for his sales people rather than any learning in the class room. Peter Green’s early bringing up and his formal education has taught him not to forego ethical business dealings if one has to rise in life as he says, "One should support ones beliefs at whatever personal cost". If he remains in Scott Carpet then he would be largely compromising with his way of ethical thinking. He has now option of quitting Scott Carpet and stick to his basic learning, which he thinks is critical for his career. Quitting the job means all along searching for a fresh job, which could be arduous to him and one is not sure whether a new company would again be of the same kind where business ethics are not given due importance.
If he decides to follow his conscience and does not cooperate with Murphy to oblige his customer, he would be running a risk of losing one major account. It is true that Murphy has not ordered him to follow his advice; nevertheless, not following his bosss advice has several implications. Losing a prestigious account simply means he would be out of grace of his boss permanently. In the near future, he may be simply fired on the plea of nonperformance. Clearly, his career cannot prosper in the circumstances so far and so long he has to work under Murphy.
He has one more alternative to fight his cause by remaining in the company. Does his moral teaching not ask him to fight within rather than run away (quitting the company) from the scene? If he chooses to do so means he has to expose Murphy before the company management but then why the company management would believe his words. After all, Murphy is a well established district manager in this company with a long service record. Why would any company believe in the words of a new comer who has no past credentials and no proven service records? This ...
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