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As I requested you all the residents of Bilby to attend the meeting and I am really glad to so many of you present here today. This shows how important you show the need of having a…


I am really excited and honored to proclaim that, the establishment of the hospital in the city. The reasons for constructing this hospital nearby to your town is to give you ease in a framework include all aspects of your life. This hospital offers not only the most basic requirements but it also offers many advanced services and operation facilities as well. This hospital will play an important role in serving the residents of the city in a better way and preventing us from different diseases as well. This hospital will also help in reducing the dependency on other hospitals in the city like Bush hospital and Bendalong Regional hospital. Therefore, it will help you all as you do not have to go too far, plus you do not have to wait for such a long time as the volume of customers will reduce from these hospitals as well. So, with fewer patients it will also help in improving the efficiency and giving more time to patients.
I have seen and identified the problem of different patients waiting for their turn at other hospitals in the city and with too much workload; I felt that the doctors were not happily serving each and every patients. Same was the case observed with the support staff. Thus, considering this situation I planned to give a gift to the residents of Bilby by establishing another hospital and after discussion with the ministry and with the efforts of residents of Bilby, today we are have been able to accomplish our dream.
The hospital will not only be serving the residents of Bilby but people from different cities and states will also be allowed and encouraged to avail the services of the hospital. In addition to this, the hospital will be helpful in creating more jobs for the residents. Moreover, with better healthcare facilities in the country, it will also encourage other investors to invest in the city and thus the city may see more ventures in near future.
Bilby Land Care group wants ...
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