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Funding a New Biotechnology Firm - Assignment Example

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This paper talks that the trends have changed in the recent past with this industry becoming a fast growing one. This is echoed by Ernst & young who contend in their report that the biotechnology sector experienced a growth of 17 percent from 2003 to 2004. …

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Funding a New Biotechnology Firm

This essay stresses that the decision to start any business is exciting and encouraging to the growth of the economy of any country. However, many entrepreneurs blow up their dreams of starting up businesses due to lack of finances to develop their ideas. It is with this view that the above paper has offered the various ways the entrepreneurs can solicit for funds. The prospects of acquiring funds from any of the proposed funds strategy are exciting but what is required is caution in whatever choice one takes. Recommending any particular funds strategy may deem inconsiderate but making a preference is rather fair so as the entrepreneurs can be able to contemplate what they want. This is to be backed by evidence that indeed that particular funding strategy has been successful. Angel investors are yet another way within which one can acquire financing.
This paper makes a conclusion that the United States is ranked top as a biotechnology leader with many investors in that particular venture and the highest funding strategy at an 80 percent is venture capital. This stands out then as the most appropriate funding strategy due to the nature of venture. Biotechnology venture is known to be a high risk venture thus requiring alot of capital and investors who have the knowledge of the market. Venture capital in this perspective appears to be the solution for the entrepreneurs. ...
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