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Persuasive memos - Coursework Example

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Although I understand your concerns regarding the possible legal responsibilities that our company may have should we decide to hire interns for our various departments, I have discovered that there is actually no legal ramification entailed for our company should we decide to…

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Persuasive memos

These are the people who do the rudimentary work in the company for free. Yes, you read it right, the interns do all their work for free. That is because PME offers them the chance to gain valuable on the job training and work experience credit in exchange for the work that they do for the company.
I believe that we can use the same template the PME uses for hiring its interns in order to help our corporation grow its client base while also mining the marketing and public relations field for the best soon to be graduates whom we can employ after they graduate. That is the same end result that PME has with their interns and I am sure that we too can make the benefits of hiring interns work for us as well here at Marketing Plus.
As you can tell, the biggest difference between a regular employee and an intern is the fact that an intern need not do work that a regular employee can do. However, they can assist in the process and thus be trained for the job. This will prove that we do not benefit directly from the work done by an intern. As colleges and universities these days mandate that college students not be paid for interning, we are in the clear regarding the financial remuneration question. Although we can tell them that they can apply for a position at the company upon graduation, as long as we do not assure them that the internship is equivalent for guaranteed future hiring, we will not have violated any labor laws either.
Hiring an intern will bring our cost of hiring contractual employees or outsourcing certain job requirements down. Our company will be able to balance the budget and overcome our ever expanding budget deficit by using interns to do the same jobs around the office. It is a win - win situation for everyone involved.
Interns today are seen by most companies as a set of people whom they can hire for jobs that regular employees can do. But they do not want to ...
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