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Name: Course: Date: Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the act of becoming an entrepreneur. It involves the process of turning innovations into economic goods (Livingston, 2007 p21). The process of entrepreneurship may lead to the formation of new enterprises or organizations or the transformation of the already existing ones into more productive firms.


There is also political entrepreneurship which is a discipline involving the application of the entrepreneurial principles by politicians to benefit from the political arena. Intra-prerneurship is another form of entrepreneurship that entails the application of the entrepreneurial principles within the organization in order to transform the whole organization by changing the way things are done in that organization. Within the organization, an entrepreneur acts as an agent of change, seeking to change the status quo of the organization. The entrepreneurial activities involve changing the way the business is done through an introduction of new goods and services or new processes. It also entails the exploration of new sources of material for use in the production process as well as new combinations that gives quality products while minimizing on the costs incurred. Thus, entrepreneurship is about creating business efficiency and effectiveness. It involves the process of creation of new business entities or making the already existing ones more productive (Livingston, 2007 p45). My future ambition is to become an astute entrepreneur, establishing new business and making them more productive and profitable. This is in line with the entrepreneurial characteristics that I posses. ...
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