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Essay example - Radar Logic in the business excellence

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The "EFQM Excellence model" is among a group of techniques used by organizations to assess and develop an optimum strategy for gaining competitive advantage. This model was designed and endorsed by the European company European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) (Hakes &…

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Every organization has a mission, vision and goal. In addition, businesses develop strategies in which they can ultimately achieve these objectives. This is referred to as the business plan. It is essential that businesses develop a means in which they can assess their development with respect to achieving their goals and objectives. The intention of this treatise is to make out whether the organization is indeed running right in terms of direction and pace. The EFQM Business mold operates by providing organizations a yardstick for which they can measure and evaluate their existing position as pertains to excellence (Hakes & Wilkinson, 2007, 76). With this, the organization is granted the opportunity to identify the facets of the organization that is need of additional efforts in order to achieve the overall goal of excellence of the organization. The EFQM emphasizes on the importance of prioritizing the shareholders purposes and ensuring that the original targets of the company are met as stipulated.
In conclusion, the EFQM model is a necessary tool for measuring the progress of the organization with respect to its goals. It beneficial as it helps to single out and analyze the different areas of the organization in terms of their performance. This is essential in the identification of the areas that need more attention and effort in order for the organization to achieve the excellence level that is ...
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